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How to Protect Your Boat

Do you know that we have services for your boat as well as your car, truck, and RV? It is important to keep your boat in top shape too. Similar to RVs, boats have gel coats as we talked about last week. When the gel coat deteriorates, the boat is more susceptible to damage. Check out this boat we detailed in the video below.

Maintain Your Investment

Having an RV or trailer can be great for cheap travel and family road trips. We have some clients who use their RV for road trips every 6 months! While traveling you will still want to make sure you are outshining the rest. In the video below, see this 5th wheel that we have been maintaining for the last 3 years. We take care of this Sandpiper every 6 months. Everything from top to bottom including roof treatments, gel coating, and wheels – all protected.

What Is A Gel Coating?

A gel coating is often put on along with the clear coat on vehicles like RVs to give them excellent water resistance and protection. When the gel coat starts to deteriorate from oxidation it may need the gel coating restored to get its great look back again. A gel coating service can be a great choice for your RV!

Benefits of Ceramic Coating

Do you want to get your exterior looking brand new and shiny again? Do you want something that will work longer than traditional waxes and sealants? You may require a ceramic coating. There are a ton of benefits with this kind of service that range from water-repelling, chemical resistant, to heat resistant which is a big deal in Florida!

Why Does My Paint Look Dull?

Dull or oxidized paint can happen in several different ways. More often than not, it comes from neglect or improper care of the vehicle. Think of the paint on your vehicles like the skin on your body. The more your skin is exposed to the elements, the more it will breakdown and crack due to weather and aging. In some cases, your car’s paint is damaged beyond repair, so off to the body shop you go.

Hard Water Spots Why Do They Happen?

Have you ever washed your car let in dry in the sun and come to find you have all these nasty little spots all over the paint and glass? If you are doing a great job washing your car, using the right soap, and not using a brush, as we have discussed before, then the last thing you want it to find little spots all over your washed car.