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Choose TC’s Detailing as your car detailer in Lakeland, Florida! We offer a wide variety of detailing services including interior cleaning, paint correction, ceramic coatings and much more.

We know you have many options to chose from when it comes time to have your investment detailed. That is why we cater to YOUR needs and wants, not the other way around.

TC’s is an IDA (international detailing association) certified detailing company as well as a certified FLEX Technician. We treat each vehicle as if it were our full time advertisement with our name on it.

You may spend more time in your vehicle than you may realize. In recent years studies show people are keeping their vehicles longer from one year to the next. Your vehicle has also shown to be one of the most non sanitized areas in your daily life.

When you trust us to take care of your vehicle we want each trip to be safe sanitary and pleasant. 

Explore our Detailing Services

Paint Protection Film

TC’s Detailing is proud to be your local source for clear bra film installation. In a world where car paint is constantly being damaged by road debris, rocks, and other obstacles, clear bra film is the best way to ensure that your vehicle’s paint stays in pristine condition. At TC’s Detailing, we’ve been protecting vehicles and keeping them looking beautiful for years. Don’t let chips and scratches ruin your vehicle’s appearance. Stop by TC’s Detailing today to enjoy a free quote on protecting your vehicle with clear bra film.

Paint Correction

Without a doubt, one of the most common complaints we hear from customers is how their car’s paint job became visibly dinged and scratched over time. Although the paint on your vehicle is designed to be extremely durable, it can still develop unsightly blemishes through years of normal wear and tear. While we will not be able to stop every mark from forming on your car, we can certainly improve the look of it. Our paint correction services will remove any damage done by harsh weather, rock chips and other common blemishes that put dings in your vehicle’s appearance.

Ceramic Coating

The benefits of a ceramic coating are far beyond the benefits of your traditional waxes of sealants. Most importantly ceramic coatings are a excellent choice due to the heat resistance properties. Your traditional waxes and sealants will break down much quicker in the hotter elements especially here in Florida where your paint on a hot summer day will reach close to nearly 200 degrees. Ceramic coatings once cured will create a bond to the exterior surfaces which will provide a protection barrier between the elements and your vehicles surfaces.

Your Car Deserves Professional Results

TC’s Detailing is a premier full-service detailing provider that caters to you and your car’s needs. We serve Lakeland, Florida, with a range of high-quality packages for every budget, make, and model.

We offer many services such as:

We specialize in quality polymer washes, sealants, ceramic paint protection, headlight restoration, trim restoration, paint correction & scratch repair, steam cleaning, shampoo upholstery and much much more!

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