What Is A Gel Coating?

by | Aug 20, 2019

A gel coating is often put on along with the clear coat on vehicles like RVs to give them excellent water resistance and protection. When the gel coat starts to deteriorate from oxidation it may need the gel coating restored to get its great look back again.



Heat, oxygen, and other contaminants cause oxidation. Heat and air combine on the surface and begin to break down the molecular structure of the paint. This process won’t stop, but with proper care will be slowed down. Learn more about how oxidation makes the paint look dull.


Why Gel?

The gel is often used on boats and other large vehicles like RVs for its ability to resist water. You could see how important that would be for a boat that is in the water or an RV that is always in the weather.

There is a clear coat already on the vehicle surface. This protects it from scratches and allows us to buff and shine them out without going into the paint. When that topcoat is damaged, it allows the paint to start oxidizing quickly.



Gel coating can repair heavy oxidation damage without costing as much as getting a new paint job. Many people will not be able to tell that it is not painted. Although gel coating will look like paint to many, it is a resin layer that is part of the body that can be buffed and polished. Restoring the gel coat is much cheaper than going with a new paint job.


See this video for a before and after of oxidation removal

In the video, you can see the difference between the untouched surface of the 2014 RV and the gel-coated area.


Our Process

  • We begin with a standard wash.
  • Then we use a machine applies cutting polish-heavy cut compound. This removes 75-80 % of imperfections allowing us to restore the gloss and clarity in the gel coat.
  • Lastly, we top it with sealant for added protection and gloss. Learn more about the protective ability of sealants.

This type of detail takes approximately 1-2.5 days depending on the size and the condition of the vehicle. Are you ready to get the gel coat of your vehicle restored and shiny again?

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