Places You Wouldn’t Think To Clean Part 1

by | Sep 17, 2019

When you get around to cleaning the inside of your car, are there places you may be missing every time? We are going to talk about some places you will want to include in your car cleaning routine and how to clean them properly.

The steering wheelSteering Wheel | Places You Wouldn't Think To Clean Part 1 | TC's Mobile Detailing | Lakeland, FL | Outshine The Rest

Most people probably vacuum the obvious places where there is carpet, wipe down the seats, and maybe clean the glass, but do you disinfect the steering wheel? For the multiple times you drive your car per day, you always have to touch the steering wheel and shifter knob constantly. Money can be a dirty thing because of all the hands it touches, and you may be the only person touching your steering wheel, but do you wash your hands before you drive? After a while, it will accumulate all kinds of germs and bacteria.

Add this into your cleaning routine; use disinfectant wipes on your steering wheel, shifter knob, and common-touched places of the dashboard every time you detail your car. You can easily keep a small package of wipes in your glove compartment so they are always in the car. The car will smell better after this and you will know those surfaces are more than just looking clean.

Sifter Knob  | Places You Wouldn't Think To Clean Part 1 | TC's Mobile Detailing | Lakeland, FL | Outshine The RestUnder the spare tire

Your spare tire and maybe some tools may be hidden away in the compartments of your trunk, but you will want to remember to clean them every once in a while too. If you have used them recently, trapped moisture can start to smell. With these random places, you can use a damp sponge and towel to wipe away the moisture.

When to clean

Wanting it done right, or just don’t have the time? Check out our Deluxe Interior Detailing. Having a professional detail your car every 3 months while you clean it yourself in between details can be a great plan to keep the value of your investment.

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