Why is steam cleaning NOT the best option as of now to detail your vehicle?

by | Apr 21, 2020

You may be wondering in these times if steam cleaning will kill viruses. It might, but not in the way you think. Steam cleaning throws bacteria and particles in the air. Because of that, steam cleaning will spread whatever bacteria or particles throughout the car.

When it comes to sanitizing, O3 is safer than using steam. In order for steam to be effective against this particular virus, it must be over 200 degrees for about 3 minutes in one specific area at a time. But if you did that, you would destroy most of the surfaces on the inside of your vehicle!

The Alternative

We would ordinarily choose steam to sanitize in other situations. As of now with what we are currently dealing with, steam is not the best option at this time. What we do instead is targeted, elite treatments, such as Ozone.

Ozone is a far better use of your car cleaning funds. Steam cleaning may be counterproductive according to idealstream. While the virus is still circulating, interior detailing could be a waste of money since the next time you are out you could be spreading germs right after your interior detail service.

Ozone is an unstable oxygen molecule that reacts to anything it bumps into. Ozone removes oxygen from the cabin of the car. Therefore, any pathogens are deprived of oxygen and die. This can be completed safely while the TC team is cleaning the exterior of your car.

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