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by | Aug 27, 2019

Having an RV or trailer can be great for cheap travel and family road trips. We have some clients who use their RV for road trips every 6 months! While traveling you will still want to make sure you are outshining the rest. In the video below, see this 5th wheel that we have been maintaining for the last 3 years. We take care of this Sandpiper every 6 months. Everything from top to bottom including roof treatments, gel coating, and wheels – all protected.


How we can maintain your RV

  • Standard Wash
  • Standard Wash & Protect
  • Paint Enhancement Detail
  • Gel Coat Restoration
  • Paint Correction

Paint Enhancement Detail

This service is needed when there are light to moderate imperfections in the surface. Like most services, we start with a standard wash. Afterward, we use polish to repair the paint and give it some protection. Following that, we spray sealant to give a glossy finish plus some added protection. We end this process with headlight restoration and tire shine that will last up to three months.

Gel Coat Restoration

The gel coating on your RV or trailer is normally already there and serves to protect the paint beneath from damage. Keeping your gel coat in good shape is imperative if you want to maintain the surface of your vehicle.

In our Gel Coat Restoration service, we apply a cutting compound with a machine. This removes most of the imperfections restoring the natural gloss in the gel coat. We top that off with sealant for added protection. This kind of detail can take up to two and a half days depending on the size and condition of your RV or trailer.


For best results, schedule your services 6 months apart. This will allow you to do a couple of standard washes in between details. With all the added protection from our services, you can enjoy your many road trips to come worry-free!

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